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About Us

Going back to 1999, LendGenuity was just a glimmer in the eye of Nelson Haws, founder and CEO of LendGenuity. The mortgage tech boom was just getting started and mortgage originators were about to enter a period of unparalleled growth. By 2001, the LendGenuity platform was fully functioning as a web-based business portal providing mortgage brokers with instant online pricing, eligibility and loan registration for alt-a and sub-prime products. The technology had an enormously positive impact on origination volume during those early years but evolved immensely over the next twenty years and now stands as one of the most innovative, fully-automated digital mortgage origination platforms in the industry. And we are just getting started!

Many members of the LendGenuity technology team have been working on the system over the past two decades. The team’s core tech strength comes from a combination of practical non-mortgage related industry experience combined with a deep understanding of a highly functioning, multi-channel and multi-product mortgage bank. This led the technologies evolution and what we recognize LendGenuity to be today. When we say the LendGenuity platform is a tech platform built for mortgage bankers by mortgage bankers, we mean it.

In early 2018, the decision was made to move the entire platform (POS/LOS/PPE/Secondary) to a SaaS configuration for the purpose of licensing it to other mortgage banks and originators and thanks to our Series A financing round we were able to make this a reality and we haven’t looked back since. At a time when the direction of our industry appears to be headed towards a model which relies on integrating multiple, different operating systems through disparate APIs, we are moving in the complete opposite direction offering our customers: “One System, One Solution” - designed to be light weight and out-of-the-box. Our goal is to provide a simpler solution and one that allows our clients to do what they do best - making money originating loans and not about spending time and money on tech development and maintaining client servers. After years of building the LendGenuity tech platform and experiencing first-hand the enormous financial resources it takes to perfect a cross channel, cross product, fully integrated system, we wanted nothing more than to take this and pass it along to the industry as the ultimate end-to-end mortgage solution. In an industry dominated by a couple very large participants, we are excited to provide a lower cost, better performing, fully web and SaaS - based alternative. We know you’re going to love it!